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* CryoStamp

CryoStamp is based on Cryoelectrophoresis, implemented Combination Therapy
that potentially useable coupled with CryoTherapy, Hot Therapy, Iontophoresis,
Electric Medium Frequency Therapy and hot/cold electrical stimulation.
CryoStamp is builded the final one on research and development for three years,
establish a prominent effect as a new idea of medical instrument for pain.
It is a patented article and has applied for a international patent.


* CryoStamp Each part of product

Front : LCD Display / Intensity Control Knob / Input Touch Key / Detachable Hand Probe
Side : Pad Connection Socket / Hand Probe Hanger
Back : Rear of the Main Body / Ventilation / AC Socket / Power Switch

* CryoStamp Effect

  • No Needle Meso Therapy
  • Cryo Stamp Galvanic Needle Therapy
  • Face & Body Lifting
  • Vitamin C Care
  • Skin Tone & Texture Laser Post Care