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* Radioderm

(Radio Frequency System)

Radioderm Function (Whole Body Treatment)

  1. Anti-Wrinkle and Skin Regeneration
  2. Fleck Treatment and Whitening
  3. Acne Treatment
  4. Elasticity Enhance (muscle relaxation) & Obesity Treatment (Fat dissolve)
    (Face, Back, Breast, Abdomen, Lower Body)
  5. Post Liposuction

* Radioderm Each of the part

Earth plate / Ceramic handle / Ceramics / Acrylic Holder / Display / Dabo nut / Control button


  1. Enhance blood circulation and metabolism
  2. Enhance lymphatic circulation
  3. Cell Vitalization ? Cellulite removing & Lipid dissolving
  4. Enhance collagen synthesis (Scar recovery and anti wrinkle)