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* Features


▶ Two Control system
The world’s first developed all-in-one handpiece system to control Power and Frequency electronically

▶ OLED Digital Control system
Allows to adjust energy and to monitor stable output system

▶Ergonomic design
Portable, light-weight and easy to handle

▶Offers different tips for different skin spots

* How to Use

Step1. Remove the paper wrapping on a needle and attach the needle to a main device.
Step2. Connect an adapter to the main device.
Step3. Press Power button(On/Off) to turn on for 2-3 seconds.
Step4. Set Power and Mode.
Step5. Check the message of “ACTIVE” on OLED and use.
Step6. Press Power button(On/Off) to turn off.

- High Mode(High frequency) can be very effective in treating spots but it can cause the damages on the skin.

- Keep a sterilized needle close to the spot, make the needle touch the skin lightly by moving the needle up and down, right and left.

- Secondary or tertiary treatment can be allowed if the spot is darker.
Additional treatment should be done after checking the skin damage and skin restoration.

* Before&After