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▶ Information on Ingredients

Coleus Forskorhlii Root Rxtract (Forskolin)

Coleus Forskorhlii in Facial Pro plays the main role in inducing fat loss.
The evidence from the reserch study supports the fact that Forskolin is effective in reducing fat mass in obese people, also, can increase the efficacy of other fat burning compounds.
Today, with the development in innovative technology of production, it has become one of the most effica cious and productive means for V-Shape face.

Horse Chestnut

One of the best advantages of horse chestnut is that it can prevent and reduce inflammation in the body because of the compound called aescin.
This long-traditionally used plant also helps improve the lymphatic and blood vascular system, and this function becomes the secret of smooth, elastic and bright skin.

▶ Function

  • Facial Pro Plus breaks down the fat contained in subcutaneous tissue layer while it also works to promote vein health, healthier lymphatic as well as blood circulation through the body.

  • Functions as anti-inflammatory so as to reduce swelling.

  • Enhances collagen to provide the skin with smoothness, strength and elasticity.